Usually, when I'm thinking about purchasing a new appliance, or even shoes for that matter, I research products for weeks, and then maybe buy one. Saturday, I looked up Air Fryers, and by the afternoon, I had one on my kitchen counter!

It takes up a bit of counter space, but it's worth it.

Yes, I made a decision and purchase that quickly. And wow, this thing is life changing! That may sound like a crazy way to describe an appliance, but it's true.

Doug can only eat Gluten Free foods, so that rules out anything fried. He is also super picky about trying new things, so I knew this purchase was a risk. To my surprise...He loved them! No oil was used at all! According to the 3 recipe books, you can pretty much cook anything in it, except for soup.

I mixed a little of each of these spices into the GF bread crumbs. I didn't measure any of it, but the Longhorn spice is the best (Find it at Meijer)

Doug freaked out when he saw all of this!

Keep the flour separate, this is only bread crumbs and spices.

I mixed all of this with the lid on

I dumped some flour onto a plate, rinsed the chicken cutlets, rolled in flour, then into eggs (I used 2) and then roll in the bread crumbs and spices. This part gets a little messy! Also, please note how small my work space is LOL!

This is my assembly line.

In they go! I chose the fry button, which is 15 minutes at 380, then 5 more at 400. Times & temps will vary for each fryer. Just make sure the chicken reached 165 internally, unless you like salmonella.

It's like an upgraded Easy Bake Oven!

Aren't they cute?! They were even good the next day. I dipped mine in BBQ sauce.

Just call me Colenel