Every so often – I gonna say once a millennium – all the stars and planets and all the celestial bodies align for one perfect moment, and when that happens, humanity is changed forever. I believe that one moment is happening right now. Wow, that sounds super dramatic, but I think the release of Girl Scout Thin Mint almonds deserves a little hype, a little hyperbole, don’t you?

To be clear, I’m not talking about just some ordinary mint chocolate-covered almonds – I’m talking about almonds that have been drowned in the official Girl Scout Thin Mints goodness. So, if you weren’t able to get Girl Scout cookies this year, of if you consumed all of your cookies one day after getting them, this snack is the perfect thing to keep you satisfied until the next cookie season.

Where and How Much?

The article I saw said the Girl Scout Thin Mint almonds were spotted at Costco, where a 30oz container will set you back $13. A quick search on Amazon showed the same 30oz container for a whopping $30.98! For what it’s worth, I looked online at Costco and couldn’t find them – maybe that’s why they’re so expensive on Amazon.

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Here I am, going on and on about how good this new snack sounds, but I do realize that there are some folks out there who do NOT enjoy the combination of mint and chocolate. I will take this opportunity to throw my good friend Ryan O’Bryan (from WKDQ) right under the bus because he happens to be of these heartless and tasteless souls. There’s really no point to this paragraph, I just wanted to make fun of Ryan and let you know what kind of human he is.

[h/t: popsugar.com]

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