This year the Girl Scouts introduced us to a brand new cookie. This cookie is basically the sister of the extremely popular Thin Mints cookie. Even though the Raspberry Rally is available online only, ordering through our local Girl Scouts is still the best way to purchase them.

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

The demand for the Raspberry Rally was a bit overwhelming, in a good way. The new flavor sold out very quickly, leaving cookie connoisseurs questioning where all of the cookies went.

Blackmarket Cookies

We are used to looking at resell sites for concert tickets, but what about cookies? Surely people wouldn't actually sell Girl Scout cookies online to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening with the Girl Scouts Raspberry Rally cookie. I found multiple active listings on eBay and completed sales.

Lot of 4 Boxes Raspberry Rally Girl Scout Cookies - $85 + Shipping   

What's the Problem?

Selling the cookies at higher prices does not go against eBay's policy, but it doesn't help our local Girl Scouts. They are trying to learn about e-commerce, supply, and demand. And the money that is spent on the marked-up Rallys could be used to support Girl Scout programs.

Girl Scouts of America Statement:

Girl Scouts of the USA is disappointed to see unauthorized resales of Girl Scout cookies online through third-party e-commerce platforms. While we are happy that there's such a strong demand for our cookies year-over-year, we're saddened that the platforms and the sellers are disregarding the core mission of the cookie program and are looking to make a profit off of the name without supporting our mission and the largest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world. When cookies are purchased through an unauthorized third-party seller, Girl Scout troops are deprived of valuable experience and, more importantly, proceeds that fund critical programming throughout the year.
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