Tim Black is one of the most recognizable faces/personalities in Evansville. Time is a proverbial social butterfly. With a quick glance of social media, you'll see pics of Tim at all different kinds of events, usually raising for a very worthy cause. You might remember, if you're old enough, Tim's time on WEVV - that's before he started his long career at WNIN.

Tim is the Vice President of Development at WNIN, and the latest guest on another exciting episode of This or That. We had a really fun time playing with Tim. Normally, when I run into Tim, it's at one of the aforementioned social events, or some sort of professional setting - so, it was nice to have the opportunity to be really silly and completely unprofessional with him.

In this episode, we discuss two things on the opposite ends of the fashion spectrum - bow ties and crocs, plus fancy food and old school sitcoms. You don't want to miss it. Take a listen below.

Tim Black 'This or That'

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