A listener reminded me this morning (thanks Dan) that today, April 21st, is the day that Prince died. That sad day was back in 2016 - can you believe it has already been five years? I imagine that just about every year, on this day, I'm gonna find myself listening to a bunch of Prince's music, and looking through old videos and photos. Actually, there doesn't seem to be a ton of videos and photos of Prince out there (at least not ones that I have permission to use) - he was a pretty private guy after all.

Prince is most well known for his music and how immensely talented he was, and rightfully so - that point can NOT be understated - but I don't know if I remember really hearing too much about his sense of style. I mean, I know those conversations were happening, it's just not something that I ever paid attention to. But seeing a bunch of his pics side by side, you can really see how much his look changed throughout his career.

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Think about some of Prince's pop peers from back in the day - artists like Hall & Oates, Huey Lewis, Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins, etc. Those guys have pretty much looked the same their entire career, even now 30+ years later. You might be saying "What about Michael Jackson?!" I realize I didn't mention MJ, and that was on purpose - his changes were surgical, and permanent, and bonkers.

Prince might have been a little tiny fella - standing only 5 foot 3 inches tall - but he was a fearless giant when it came to his music and style. He just didn't care at all what anyone else had to say, and love him or hate him, you gotta respect. Continue to rest in peace purple one.

A Look Back at Prince and His Ever-Changing Style

Prince was not only a fearless pioneer when it came to the music he made, but he was also not afraid to do his own thing when it came to his style. Here is a collection of some of his always evolving looks throughout the years, from most recent to oldest.

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