This week marks four years since Prince tragically left this world (it was April 21, 2016), and I found myself looking through a huge collection of Prince pictures. I wanted to put together some kind of collection, but wasn't really sure what to do. After seeing just a handful of pictures from the last several years of his life, I was hit with some inspiration.

Everyone talks about Prince's music and how immensely talented he was, and for good reason - that point cannot be understated. But I don't know if I ever really heard much about his sense of style. Okay, that's not really accurate. I know those conversations were happening, it's just not something that I ever paid attention to. But seeing a bunch of his pics side by side, you can really see how much his look changed throughout his career.

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Think about some of Prince's pop peers from back in the day - artists like Hall & Oates, Huey Lewis, Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins, etc. Those guys have pretty much looked the same their entire career, even 30+ years later. I know I didn't mention Michael Jackson, but his changes were surgical, and permanent, and bonkers.

Prince might have been a little tiny fella - standing only 5 foot 3 inches tall - but he was a fearless giant when it came to his music and style. He just didn't care at all what anyone else had to say.

Prince's Style Through the Years