Now, this is what we all need right now.  A nice story about someone doing something nice for other people…well maybe a furry friend or two.

Jessi Hewig has made it her goal to help out local police K-9 Units.  How is she doing this?  Well, she is raising money to make sure that these police dogs are well protected when they go to work.  She has a GoFundMe page that sells t-shirts and donation boxes.  With the money she raises from the GoFundMe, Jessi is able to buy ballistic vest made specifically for police dogs.  In just over a years’ time, she has been able to equip several local police dogs.  This is really saying something because these vest costs around $650 a piece.

Jessi, who currently works for the St. Joe Veterinary Hospital, has had experience working with police dogs.  Just like their human counterparts, these dogs are at risk of being seriously injured or killed.  So, one away to prevent that is to make sure they are wearing the proper equipment when they are working.

“The excitement I get when I give that dog it’s vest just fills my heart,” Jessi said. “To know that they’re going to be safe and do their job effectively is everything to me.”

Jessi recently was able to give Indiana Police K-9, Boomer, a vest.  This marks the seventh vest that Jessi has been able to raise enough money to buy.  Again, she has only been at this for a year.  That’s a good amount of vests already.

It’s stories like these that we all need right now.  Jessi is doing this not because she has to but because she wants to.  I think we all can take a page from her book and be a little more willing to help each other out.  Way to go Jessi!!

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