The French Lick, Indiana Railway issues a stern warning to potential Polar Express riders as reports of fraudulent ticket sales surface in the area. The railway management has been made aware of multiple scams, and they urge the public to exercise extreme caution when purchasing tickets from unfamiliar sources.


Verify Polar Express Tickets

In light of these incidents, the French Lick Railway emphasizes the importance of ticket verification before any transaction. Prospective passengers are encouraged to reach out to the railway directly for confirmation and validation of their ticket authenticity. To ensure a legitimate purchase, ticket buyers should insist on receiving crucial details such as the date, time, and a confirmation number from the seller.

Always be Proactive

This alert serves as a proactive measure to safeguard individuals from falling victim to ticket scams and to maintain the integrity of the Polar Express experience. The French Lick, Indiana Railway remains dedicated to providing a magical and secure journey for all passengers, and they encourage the community's cooperation in identifying and reporting any suspicious ticket transactions.

French Lick Scenic Railway
French Lick Scenic Railway
We have been notified of multiple scams happening in our area! Please be very cautious when purchasing tickets from strangers! If you would like ticket verification before purchasing, please reach out to us! Ticket sellers should be able to tell you date, time, and provide a confirmation number! Things to note: 1. We do not use a “print at home option or digital tickets”. 2. Never send payment to a stranger without first reaching out to us for verification! 3. Sellers can contact us and change the information on their order to a new person! Please contact us with any questions!

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