We are huge fans of Garfield in our house. A couple of years ago, my son Rollins found all of my old Garfield books at my mom's house and was hooked immediately by his sarcastic humor. I think he also bonded with the orange cat over their mutual love of Italian food.

He now has Garfield shirts, cups, plushies, and all kinds of memorabilia that we have collected in thrift shops.  Now, with the brand new Garfield movie in theatres, we see his cute face all over the place. If you haven't seen it, it was an adorable kind of "pre-quel" to the story and how Jon Arbuckle adopted the insatiable snacking kitty.

Garfield Creator Jim Davis is a Hoosier

Did you know that the creator of our favorite comic strip is from Indiana? Jim Davis was born and raised in Fairmount, which is about 90 miles north of Indianapolis.  The town is so proud of this famous native and his characters that they have established an official Garfield Trail.

The Garfield Trail in Grant County

Fourteen various depictions of Garfield scattered around Grant County from Fairmount to Swayzee to Marion make up the Garfield Trail. Visitors are invited to "follow the fat cat" and document with pictures and the hashtag #followthefatcat.  Find him eating ice cream, reading books, or preparing to fight fires at the firehouse. Here is a Garfield fan went on a mission to discover them all.

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You can call 765-997-7034 and follow the prompts to follow the trail or you can find a downloadable map with nearby hotels and other fun things to do here.

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