Over the summer, when we heard about the changes being made to the 2020-21 marching band season in Indiana, we thought it would be a good idea to get the EVSC's reaction. We reached out to Dwight Emmert, the EVSC's Director of Fine Arts. It's easy to hear his passion for playing and teaching music, and it was encouraging to hear how music teachers within the EVSC were moving forward with such a positive attitude despite all of the trouble 'rona has caused. YOU CAN HEAR THAT INTERVIEW HERE.

While we had him on the phone, you know we had to play a round of This or That. He was a great sport about it, and he answered all of our questions the best he could. After hearing the segment play back on the air, I realized that right off the bat, we hit Mr. Emmert with a pretty tough question - that is, compared to our normal This or That questions. In an effort to get a better idea about his musical tastes and preferences, it felt more like we were asking him to pick a favorite kid over another. It was all in good fun, and he did a great job with the questions. Mr. Emmert even had a This or That first (I think) - he decided that the two choices we gave him were not good enough, so he just threw out a third choice. I guess the game momentarily became This or That or That Other Thing.

Thanks again for Mr. Emmert, for playing our ridiculous game, and for keeping fine arts alive and well in our schools.

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