We can all agree that High Score Saloon is one of the coolest spots in Evansville. Not only do they have an amazing variety of old-school arcade games, pinball machines, and craft beer, High Score has become known for the way they give back to the community.

The geniuses behind High Score Saloon will unveil their new venture to the public this Friday, June 26, 2020. High Score Player 2: Classic Arcade is an all-ages arcade, so parents can play games like Mario Bros., Galaga and Q*Bert, Space Invaders, Spider-Man and pinball with their kids. In all, there are 33 arcade games, 5 pinball machines, 2 skeeball and air hockey. You won't need to bring quarters, it's just a flat price of $10. They also have a weekend pass available for $17.50. You can play all day at that price, and yes, you can leave and come back. You're encouraged to stop by their neighbor, the Be Happy Pie Co. and full up in between games.

For everyone's safety, they are keeping things clean, and will be open at 50% capacity. You are asked to be courteous to the other players and keep some distance.

•Where are you located?
2814 Mt. Vernon Avenue. Evansville, IN.

•What are your hours?
Friday & Saturday 12-9PM and private parties by request.

•How much do games cost?
It’s $10 at the door or $17.50 for a weekend pass. After that? Every game is free. Every console is free. It’s all free.

•How far out can I book a party?
December 31, 2020. In 2021 we will likely expand our hours.

•How soon should I book a party?
We have 4 days booked in December already. If you want to ensure you get the day you’re after you can book ASAP.

•Do you have a place for parties?
We have a whole arcade. If you’ve got a private party planned though we do have some tables and chairs we bring out for guests that have a hard time standing long periods of time and so gifts/cake can be set out.

•How much is a party?
They start at $150 for a 2 hour 20 person event. It comes out to about $7.50/person which is probably the most affordable all inclusive party option in the world.

Here's a peek inside:

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