It's puppy season, and many local rescues have a bunch of puppies in their care. It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue is no exception, and they're currently needing some help feeding their tiniest residents. They currently have several pups needing formula, including a litter of 9.

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Here's what It Takes a Village said about needing puppy formula on Facebook:

Villagers, we need your help! With Princess’s babies being supplemented, Izbelle no longer nursing her 9, and being in puppy season WE ARE IN NEED OF PUPPY FORMULA!
We have enough of the “weaning” formula, so we’re asking for formula geared toward newborn/very young puppies. Powdered or liquid is fine. If able, please purchase locally and drop off or order online. Amazon currently has the best prices (and don’t forget to use Amazon Smile with ITV as the beneficiary 😉).
We so appreciate your help! Enjoy some snoozing babies as our thanks.
Attached is an adorable video of tiny pups which you can see below. If you want to help and pick up puppy formula locally, they usually carry it at places like Pet Food Center, Tractor Supply, and Petsmart.  If you pick up some formula you can drop it off at It Takes a Village they're located at 1417 N Stockwell Rd, Evansville.  They're open Tuesday-Friday 12P-5P and Saturday 10A-5P.  If you'd like to help them out by making a donation so they can purchase formula, you can make a donation at

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