A recent study by the website, The Niche, lists Evansville as the second most affordable city in the country to live in behind our friends in Fort Wayne.

The site used several factors in determining their rankings, including "housing, food, and fuel costs, as well as the median tax rates" among others.

While Fort Wayne did edge us out to take the top spot, it was by a slim margin. Where the study has both cities tied in Monthly Housing Cost to Income Ratio (0.2 : 1), Consumer Price Index Gas Index (0.98), Consumer Price Index Grocery Index (0.91), and Rent to Income Ratio (0.2 : 1), Fort Wayne narrowly edged Evansville in the following categories:

  • Home Value to Income Ratio (2.3 : 1 to 2.5 : 1) (lower is better)
  • Median Effective Property Tax (0.95% to 0.78%) (higher is better here)
  • Median Home Value ($99,800 to $90,000)
  • Median Rent ($661 to $707)

Mayor Winnecke shared the news on his Facebook page Thursday evening:

See the complete list of cities on The Niche website.

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