While some scams are fairly obvious, others can be a little more convincing.

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Phone Scams

It seems like every day we're hearing about a new phone scam.  These scammers are definitely relentless, and it can get really annoying having your phone constantly ringing with people attempting to scam you.  Some scams are fairly obvious like when they say they're with Windows contacting you about a virus on your laptop, when in actuality you have a Macbook.  However, some scams, especially ones based on scare tactics can be a little more convincing.  The current phone scam hitting the Evansville area seems to rely on scare tactics to hopefully catch you off guard.


Evansville Police Department Warn of Phone Scam

The Evansville Police Department shared a warning to their Facebook page about a phone scam, where the scammers go so far as to even use the name of a real Evansville police officer.

We have been made aware of a SCAM call.
A caller has been contacting locals stating they are an officer for the Evansville Police Department and even going to the extent of using an actual EPD officers name.
If an officer were to ever call you they WOULD NOT:
- Tell you that you have an arrest warrant AND ask for money, in any form.
- Place you on a 'recorded line' to talk about your warrant or subpoena to appear in court.
While some of these calls may seem realistic, and frightening, if you hear any of the above statements or feel that it is a scam, please hang up. Absolutely DO NOT send money.
You can contact (812)436-7896 to confirm if it was an actual call from an Evansville Police Officer. These scam callers are as frustrating to us as they are to you.
This is a good reminder to just be wary of any call that asks for information.

While We're Talking About Scams

And speaking of scams, for as many phone scams as we see, there are dozens more online scams.  In fact, one has gone as far as to make a fake Q Crew Morning show page with me and Ryan's faces.  This page claims we are giving out $1,000, and as much as I wish we were, unfortunately, we are not.  You can check out more of that fake page here, and please don't give it any information!


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