During our visit with Officer Taylor Merriss Special Programs Coordinator with the Evansville Police Department, we asked her our question of the day - What makes you ANXIOUS no matter how many times you do it? Her answer was quite surprising!

This is the online exclusive full interview:

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On our Facebook page, you had a lot of things that make you anxious, so we had to start a list.

"Lining my tires up with the automatic car wash" - Mistie Dupont

"Being around lots of people..& driving on bridges with water underneath..." April Grimes

"I know the feeling with the bridges…driving over the Might Mac last year was intense! It’s 5 miles long and the wind was horrible, we had to be escorted across! I hate long bridges!" - Dakota Orwig
" I seriously get so nervous when there's water under me. I can swim but that whole wrecking & your car going into the water is what bothers me."April Grimes

"Oh yes. I always didn’t like bridges. A good friend and I would go over to Henderson and I would stop the car and she would drive over the bridge both ways. Had to get over it but it took a long time. Riding with Jack in the Semi helped. At first, I would get in the bunk, zipper the curtain shut, and get on my knees and pray. He helped me get over it...to a point. It’s still not a favorite thing." - Pat Hadden

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