When was the last time you dined in at a local Pizza Hut? It's probably been a while. The only Evansville dine-in location of Pizza Hut has been closed for months. The other four locations offer carry-out or delivery only.


Is Pizza Hut Closing All Dining Rooms?

This question has its own thread on Reddit, and it made me stop and think about how many Pizza Huts still offer dine-in around Evansville, Indiana. The answer to that question is zero for now. There are four locations that do not have a dining room, but there is one on North Green River Road that has one, but it is listed as closed.

PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS SEPT 2022 pizza hut
PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS SEPT 2022 pizza hut

Is The Green River Road Pizza Hut Closed for Good?

I am not sure how long the 925 N Green River Rd location has been closed, but it seems like forever. For a few months, you could get to-go orders from the drive-thru, but now it is completely closed. I reached out to Pizza Hut Corporate to get some answers. Just call me Lois Lane - Ha!

I received a statement from a Pizza Hut representative:

"This store is under remodel and hopes to reopen Spring of 2024."

I feel like that response is a step in the right direction, and maybe we will see the return of dining in at Pizza Hut. How cool would it be if they were making it into a retro style? That would be so cool.

PHOTO: youtube pizza hut
PHOTO: youtube pizza hut

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