If you thought that you saw pixie dust around Lincoln Ave, in Evansville today, you probably did.


Today, members of the Cops Connecting with Kids program announced that 8 students from EVSC Lincoln School will be selected to go to Walt Disney World in January 2023! Many of these hard-working, deserving kids might not have the means to travel out of the Tri-State, let alone go to Walt Disney World.

Cops Connecting with Kids Disney Adventure

This morning we were able to share exciting news with the Lincoln Lions!
This January, they will be joining the Cops Connecting with Kids family as 8 of their kids will become the first Lions to participate in our program.
This addition increases our EVSC involvement to 8 schools and we are now engaging with the youth in all the K-8 schools.
Thank you to all our community partners who continue to make Disney Dreams come true for our kids and for helping us build positive relationships our schools and neighborhoods so desperately need.
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How Cops Connecting With Kids Helps Our Community

You might be wondering how taking students to Walt Disney World helps connect them with cops. Evansville Police Department's Assistant Chief, Phil Smith, shared his experience with the program.

How does the connection work? First, you introduce yourselves and tell each other about yourselves. Then you realize how much you have in common. Then you talk more and learn about the differences you have. Despite having those differences each of you learn to see how the other thinks and why they think that way. Then you joke, then you laugh. Then you just want to see the other do well at everything they do. And that's how Cops Connect with Kids.

Cops Connecting with Kids 2021 Disney Trip

The mission of Cops Connecting with Kids Inc. is to build positive relationships between members of the law enforcement profession and the youth in their local communities, through open and honest channels of communication, mentorship, and connectivity.

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