If you grew up in Evansville, you know that the most fun you could have was cruising down Green River Road.

Image: TYMEALLO Studios
Image: TYMEALLO Studios

Now that we are of a certain age, driving for the fun of it isn't really a thing. When you have to pay for the gas, that pretty much takes all of the fun out of cruising.


Thanks to Google Maps or Google Earth, we can go back in time just a bit, and see what Green River Road used to look like. The earliest date that I could find for Evansville photos has been 2007, so I compared them with 2022 photos.

See the side-by-side comparisons below.

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Oh the Memories

It would be really cool to find old photographs or Polaroids of the different streets in Evansville, and then compare what they look like now. Evansville has more businesses on the East side than ever before. If you travel between Morgan and the Lloyd Expressway, you're likely to see a new store opening almost every week.

See How Much North Green River Rd in Evansville, Indiana has Changed over the Years

Thanks to Google Maps we can travel back in time to see how much Evansville, Indiana has changed.

E is for Everyone

Evansville is home to a population of nearly 121,000 people in the city limits and more than 300,000 in the metropolitan area. The cost of living is lower than the national average and most cities in the state, there’s quality schools and hospitals, a great airport, a booming food and drink and scene and plenty to do.

See How Downtown Evansville Has Changed Over the Years

I find looking back on the way things used to be fascinating. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I'm living through the current time period. The conveniences of answering any question we have in seconds, or ordering practically anything we want or need and having it delivered to our doorstep is pretty sweet. But, there is something fun about seeing how things around us have evolved. As an Evansville native, and spending quite a bit of my time in downtown Evansville (that's where the station is located), I've always appreciated the older architecture of the buildings around the area. So, I dug into the Willard Library Archives to see how a few of those areas look now compared to then. Some have changed a little, others quite a bit, and a few don't even exist any more. Take a look.

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