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Gas Prices On The Rise


Everything is on the rise right now, and that's especially true for gas prices.  To be honest, I've lived in the Tri-State area my entire life, and I genuinely cannot remember ever seeing gas hit $5/ gallon until now.  I know the high gas prices can put quite the financial strain on people, especially when you live in an area like the Tri-State where we rely on driving to our destinations more than public transport or walking.  While I, unfortunately, don't have all the answers, I did find something interesting, on average Evansville has the lowest gas prices in the state of Indiana.

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Evansville Gas Prices Are Some of the Lowest in the State

AAA keeps an eye on gas prices and the market, and their website is really a wealth of interesting information. I looked at their Indiana gas price map and thought it was super interesting that Evansville, specifically Vanderburgh County has some of the lowest gas prices in the state of Indiana on average.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

Regular gas in Vanderburgh County is $4.964/gallon on average.  In fact, Vanderburgh County has the third-lowest gas prices, in Indiana coming in behind Perry County and Switzerland County.  Warrick County comes in fourth for the lowest gas rates on average in Indiana with gas being $4.996/gallon.

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Surrounding County Gas Prices

Here are the average gas prices surrounding the Evansville area as of June 16th, 2022, remember this is the average price per gallon on regular gas:

  • Vanderburgh County $4.964
  • Warrick County $4.996
  • Posey County $5.027
  • Gibson County $5.050
  • Pike County $5.096
  • Dubois County $5.108
  • Spencer County $5.036

According to AAA's website, the national average price of gas right now is $5.009 and the average price of gas across the state of Indiana is currently $5.190 so the Evansville area seems to be a little below the state and national average.

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