There some skills they don't teach you in First Responder class. I know, because I was certified many years ago. We practiced administrating oxygen on patients, but never a dog. These Evansville firefighters are so dedicated to serving the community that they made sure that Zahara was doing good before they left the scene.

Kelly Yarde took her to Evansville Animal Care and Control, just for the time being. Her owner is in the hospital and they couldn't leave her in the fire-destroyed home.


Who know what adventures await the 14 new recruits that just joined the department. If this has inspired you to become a fire fighter, and make a difference in your community, you could be in luck. The City of Evansville will open up the application process for the fire department March 1 - April30, 2021.


U.S. Citizen
High School Diploma or equivalent
21 to 36 years of age (Must be 21 when the eligibility is certified in December or employed by EFD before 36th birthday)
Valid driver license
Have never been convicted of a felony
Good moral character
No visible tattoos while in uniform during public activities.
Discharge from military not categorized as “Other Than Honorable”, “Bad Conduct” or “Dishonorable”. (if applicable)
Comply with all statutory requirements
Meet any requirements established by the Merit Commission for appointment to the Department
The examination process shall consist of the following components:

A written test or tests.
CPAT - Candidate Physical Ability Test
Oral interview
75' Ladder Climb after eligibility list is certified and after an offer for employment is accepted by the applicant. (Testing for the fear of heights - acrophobia)
Such relevant assessment methods as may be adopted by the Fire Merit Commission that are consistent with professional standards and legal guidelines.

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