It seems like each week there are more and more people I know that are getting tested for COVID-19, and luckily very few of them have come back positive. I feel really fortunate that, as of this writing (knock on wood), I have not needed to get tested.

More and more places are offering testing these days, and if I'm not mistaken, most of those tests are free. Right? Since the tests are free to anybody who needs one, why would you want/need a home COVID-19 test? Maybe some folks would feel more comfortable with the test, and the results, if they were personally involved from beginning to end.

Well, Costco is now selling a couple different home tests for COVID-19. They are both saliva test from the same company, AZOVA, and they will cost you $130 or $140. The more expensive test includes some sort of video element. I've looked at the page and read the description of the tests, and I guess I'm just confused about it all. Does my $130 get me just one test? And why would I spend that kind of money when I can drive down the street and get a free test? I feel like there has to be something that I'm missing, and I say that with all sincerity and no sarcasm at all (even though I realize it seems like a sarcastic remark).

I would honestly like to hear why this kind of home test is more beneficial than a free, public test.

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