Raise your hand if you've ever 'Taken to Facebook' to complain about something. It's okay to admit it. I've done it it before, but I hope I didn't seem as 'complainy' as some of these Costco shoppers.

Nobody really likes for things to change. Let me rephrase that. Nobody likes drastic changes to cake. It's a fact. Recently, Costco stopped offering their half sheet cake. Instead, they are promoting the cute little 10 inch cake. What's wrong with that? Everything, according to the comments on their Facebook post.

I can't blame some of these comments, because, I have made a comment or two about products that have changed. But then we get to the cake extremists. Really? You ONLY have a Costco membership for the sheet cake? Granted, I've never tasted the Costco sheet cake. Maybe it is all that.

Anytime you read through comments on a popular topic, you will run across comments that have nothing to do with the original post. Somehow, the conversation goes from a simple question about cake, to face masks. I've compiled some of the best ones here:

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