Of all the kinds of photography, I think the one I appreciate the most is nature photography - more specifically, pictures of animals. In addition to having the right equipment to get the perfect shot, you also need to have patience, knowledge, and probably a little bit of luck. Jeff Basham is a photographer from northern Indiana, and one of his recent pictures exemplifies what I'm talking about.

Great Egret
Getty Images

The picture is of a great egret, a bird that is described as "a tall, long-legged wading bird with a long, S-curved neck and long, dagger-like bill" (allaboutbirds.org). Jeff spotted the egret doing what egrets do, wading in or near shallow water to hunt fish, frogs, and other small aquatic animals.

Is It a Bird, or a Dragon, or a Ghost, or What?

Great Egret
Jeff Basham/JB Photo via Facebook

The picture is unlike anything I've ever seen. For whatever reason, the great egret looks translucent and much of its skeleton is visible. I was trying to describe the photo to a friend, and the best analogy I could come up with was "imagine a bird in a wet t-shirt contest." That may be a little crude, but I'm not wrong. Ha!

Great Egret
Getty Images for Lumix

I'm assuming Jeff wasn't trying to capture a picture just like this, but he had the right equipment, he was patient, he was in the right area, and he got a little lucky. Regardless of the circumstances, and even though I have no idea what is exactly going on, the picture is really cool. Some of the folks who commented have a great take on the picture.

  • One person described the picture as "eerie" which I think is the perfect word - it is beautiful and neat, but also kind of eerie and spooky.
  • Someone else said, "Cool...looks like one of the dragons on GOT (Game of Thrones)."
  • And someone else said perhaps the egret was "blocking the light/sun so it can see the fish in the water better."

Charming Quotes About Birds

I love watching my birdy boys outside. Here are some cute quotes that I found that sum up my newfound bird infatuation.

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