It's easy to find sad, hurtful and fear-inducing stories online. Scroll through and see how many 'Good News' stories you can find. Not many, if any, right? I didn't even have to look past our own community for this story of people helping families in need.

COVID-19 hasn't just brought a terrible virus, it's brought loss of jobs, a shortened school year, and for some, a fear of even going to the store. Life that wasn't the easiest to begin with suddenly got a lot more difficult.

The Evansville Dream Center stepped up to identify the needs of the families they serve everyday. Families said they couldn't get access to healthy and affordable groceries. That's how the Grocery Co-Op Pop-Up began. With assistance from their wholesale grocery provider and a nutritionist, volunteers were able to put together healthy and delicious menu options for families in need. I just think that is so amazing. So much thought went into each grocery bag, for every family.

Volunteers are delivering 16,000 meals to families every week. So far, with generous donations and volunteers, Dream Center Evansville has provided 75,000 with their no-touch grocery delivery system. An innovative plan to help the community doesn't just happen. There are a lot of very generous donors that have helped make this effort possible.

I'm friends with Executive Director Jeremy Evans on Facebook, and I see first-hand how passionate he is for the Evansville Dream Center and the families that they help everyday, even when a pandemic tried to get in the way.

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