Ghosts, ghost stories and paranormal activity scares me to death, but they also intrigue me. Doesn't it you? We have all heard stories or even had scary things happen to us. To me, scary, true to life, ghost stories are the scariest. Maybe that's why I like abandoned things so much. There just might be something urging in the shadows or looking out a window.

My friend, from Kentucky, took these pics. She thought the abandoned house and barn looked cool. They both look so old and beautiful, in an abandoned kind of way. But, she didn't really look at the pics until she got home. What she saw, sent shivers down her spine.

Do You See A Ghost In The Window of This Abandoned House?

If there's a perfectly good explanation for the figures in the windows, I'm all about proving it's not really ghosts But, she showed someone else the pics and he said he has heard stories about that house being haunted. Maybe it's a little bit of both.

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