I definitely had a shaking my head moment coming across this topic today.  Halloween is the perfect time to be a little silly and have fun turning yourself into something or someone else.  However, you shouldn’t do something just because you saw it on the internet.

There are numerous videos on TikTok right now of DIY vampire fangs.  Now, you might be thinking what’s the harm in that?  Well, the issue is that the videos are suggesting that you use nail glue or even superglue to give yourself vampire fangs.  I mean come on now!

Instead of using the adhesive that is provided in most vampire teeth kits, which you can find at almost any Halloween store, TikTokers are going the extra mile to have the best costume.  But also ruining their teeth all at the same time.  According to Dr. LaQuia Vinson, from Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health, putting super glue or nail glue on your teeth can cause erosion or even worse, a chemical burn that would really mess up your mouth.

If you or your kids are dead set on having fangs for your costume this year you can still make that happen.  Just make sure you use orthodontic wax or dental wax.  These are a safer way to have those fangs and not mess up your teeth.  I am still in awe that some people thought that it was okay to put superglue in their mouths.  You have to love the internet sometimes, don’t you?

Source: WISH-TV

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