That adorable youngster you see above is Ace Turner (how cool is that name?), and you are invited to a special event being held this weekend in his honor. You see, Ace and his family are fighting for his life right now. Earlier this year they heard those four words no parent wants to hear - "your child has cancer." In Ace's case, he was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called Mixed Phenotype Acute Leukemia. Since then, Ace has made and will continue to make, several trips to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis where he spends hours hooked up to IVs, doing transfusions, and sitting through chemotherapy treatments.

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As you can imagine, the only thing on his family's mind is taking care of Ace and helping him kick cancer's butt. The last thing they should have to think about is how, or if, they can afford all the expenses that come with Ace's treatment. To help eliminate some of that worry, a special fundraising event is scheduled for this Sunday, July 25th in Boonville.

If you couldn't tell from his photo, Ace LOVES dinosaurs, and so it just makes sense to throw a big ol' Dino Day party at the park. The event will have more than just dino-themed activities, it will include an actual dinosaur. Our buddy Beaux the Tyrannosaurus Rex heard about this party through the dino-grapevine and insisted on making an appearance. In addition to the Tri-State's favorite dinosaur, the event will include a cornhole tournament, lunch, a bake sale, and other fun games and activities. All of the proceeds raised during the Dino Day will go directly to Ace and his family to help cover his medical expenses.

Dino Day Details

  • Sunday, July 25th from 10am-2pm
  • Boonville City Lake Picnic Shelter
  • Beaux the T-Rex meet & greets (30 minutes each) are scheduled for 10:30am, 12n, and 1:30
  • $20 entry fee for the cornhole tournament

Ace's aunt Haley Hale (another super cool name) is one of the Dino-Day organizers, and she joined us on the MY Morning Show to tell more about her energetic, fun-loving, goofball, fearless nephew. Take a listen to our conversation.

Liberty, Haley and Bobby
Liberty, Haley and Bobby

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