Make a Lifesaving Donation at Cancer Pathways Midwest Blood Drive

If the name Cancer Pathways Midwest doesn't sound familiar, then perhaps their former name, Gilda's Club, does. If neither one is ringing a bell, then allow me to introduce you to this fantastic organization before we go any further.

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Cancer Pathways Midwest is an open door to anyone impacted by cancer, whether it's a patient, a patient's family, or even a family who lost a loved one to cancer. Cancer Pathways Midwest offers a "space that provides psychosocial support, healing, validation, empowerment, and solace" to all those people and more. They do that in a number of ways with programs that provide support, wellness, social connections, educational workshops, emotional health, nutrition, community programs, and resources. Everything that Cancer Pathways Midwest provides is free of charge, so you can imagine how important donations are.

Donations of a Different Kind

You usually will see and hear Cancer Pathways Midwest asking for monetary donations and hosting various fundraising events throughout the year. Right now, though, they are asking for a different kind of donation - your blood. One of the most important things someone fighting cancer needs is healthy blood, and that's why Cancer Pathways Midwest is teaming up with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive.

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We spoke with Kalah Schmitz from Cancer Pathways Midwest about the event and what an important piece that is to what they can do for people affected by cancer.

The blood drive is happening on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, from 12n-6p at the Cancer Pathways Midwest building, located at 5740 Vogel Road in Evansville. September is a national awareness month for several kinds of cancer, including leukemia and childhood cancer in general, so this is a perfect time to do something free and easy to help save lives.

Super Heroes Unite for Cancer Pathways Midwest

Now is the time to unleash your superpowers and unite for Cancer Pathways Midwest (Formerly Gilda's Club Evansville). Let's enjoy some super cute pics and learn about Cancer Pathways Midwest, and how you can make a difference.

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