I can happily say my husband and I completed this weekend's Victoria 5K and 10K in Newburgh.  Mike and I participated in the 5k walk at the event with hundreds of other walkers and runners!  

At our age, running just hurts our knees and everything else. So, we walked...we can do that!  My official finish time was 51:45.  Pace time was 15:14 min/mi.  Hey, I'm happy with that time even though I can walk faster on a tread mill, usually about 11-12 min/mi. We didn't receive any awards for the fastest on the trail, but, just crossing the finish line is all we cared about!  lol.

The Victoria 5K and 10K benefits Warrick Trails.

The Warrick Trails Initiative

Warrick Trails is a donor-supported trail system that connects neighborhoods, schools, parks and retail establishments throughout Warrick County, offering a unique and desirable lifestyle amenity to both residents and businesses alike. By providing safe walking and cycling routes to residents seeking to engage in healthy activities, Warrick Trails promotes and encourages better health and wellness, and allows residents to get outdoors and enjoy nature and an active lifestyle. For businesses, Warrick Trails stimulates local economy by connecting residents to their places of business, and attracts quality employees by making Warrick County a more desirable place to work and live.

According to Warrick Trails, they don't have a final total in yet from all the sponsors and sign-ups from the weekend's event, however, a spokesperson told me the amount raised was about $40,000.

Check out these videos of this year's Victoria 5K and 10K at Victoria National Golf Course. Be sure to subscribe to My 105.3 WJLT's YouTube Channel!

Here's an overview of the trails provided by Billy Lampton Music.

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