I don't think I will be swimming in this hotel pool anytime soon.

Closed due to a major infestation of bed bugs (yuck), workers drinking on the job, and major repairs that needed to take place this once gorgeous hotel is nothing but a memory to those who once stayed at it. You can see from the pictures below it had a pretty nice pool area and bar where guest could sit and enjoy some relaxation. Now, it’s just filled with nasty green water that I wouldn't put a toe in.

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The hotel looks like workers left everything the way it was while it was open. Sheets are still on beds, alcohol is still in the bar, and tables and chairs are set throughout the hotel, they basically just locked everything up and left it just the way it was. However, there is just something creepy about watching the video of the crew exploring the hotel and seeing everything just perfectly placed and untouched for years.

From the photos you can see that the hotel is starting to crumble with walls starting to cave in, but you can image what it looked like while it was open and in its prime. You have to wonder why towns and cities let places like this stay vacant and let the buildings collapse on their own. I mean it has to be an eye soar on the town, but who know I guess since it’s not cause anyone to get hurt its ok to stand and just waste away.

Creepy Illinois Vacant Hotel Photos With Everything Left Behind

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