The folks at Granted have a prime spot at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival; They are Booth #1! They are serving up yummy pork sandwiches, unique candy and pumpkin bread pudding.

We had to take a dance break, from all of the pigging out, with a PIG!

Granted has been serving children of Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Southeast Illinois with terminal or life-threatening conditions, and fulfilling their greatest Wishes since 1985.  This assistance gives them and their family a desperately needed respite from the physical, emotional, and financial burdens created by a life-threatening illness.  Wishes provide strength, hope, joy, and a wonderful experience that the family can enjoy together and then treasure among their memories.

Each Wish is as unique as the child who requests it, but they all share one commonality in that wishes are life-changing.  We have witnessed children connecting with their parents for the first time ever, a severely challenged child who was never supposed to be able to use her legs taking her first steps, and a child with organic brain disorder said his first understandable words while on his Wish trip to Disney.  No one expects that their child will be born challenged, or will become gravely ill, but one thing is certain, Granted is here to support our community’s children.

Granted’s service to our children and families extends far beyond their Wish through programming, events throughout the year, support groups, and resource referrals in the family’s times of crisis.

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