Ahh social distancing.  Just one of the many new phrases we get to use on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, it has now affected a popular summer destination.  It has been announced that Burdette Park will not be opening its Aquatic Center for the upcoming summer.  A big part of this has to do with, of course, the Coronavirus and social distancing.  Another reason is that adequately training lifeguards in a short amount of time isn’t plausible.  Vanderburgh County Commissioners voted on the matter and reached a verdict by vote 3-0.  It has also been announced that Evansville public pools will be closed for the summer as well.

I will say I am pretty bummed out by this.  Still being very new to the area, I was looking forward to checking out the Aquatic Center this summer.  Having been to Burdette Park a few times already to enjoy the nature trails; my inner five-year-old couldn’t wait to shoot down the huge water slides.

Now that Evansville public pools are closed for the season I do have a quick fix.  Get a couple of friends to go in together on a decent sized inflatable pool and have a schedule of who gets the pool on certain weeks and weekends.  Then for extra fun grab a small slide, water it down and have yourself a good time with your own at-home water park.  It may not be the same as Burdette but hey you can be the envy of all the kids in the neighborhood.

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