I had the pleasure of talking to the University of Evansville Swim Camp. I was a little nervous to present to 40 kids ranging from 8-15 years old. 


I talked about positivity and self confidence and how we need to start admiring our bodies, talents, personalities as well as live in an attitude where we are full of gratitude. I shared with them about my daily affirmations regiment that helps drown out the negative voices in my head that tells me I am not smart, strong enough, beautiful or all the other crap it says. I say positive things out loud to myself and I know them to be true.


Then I asked the kids to write themselves letters including what they loved most about themselves, what they feared most, and what goals they could work to achieve. I will be mailing these letters out to the kids at their home addresses where they will receive them by Christmas to remind them of how truly individually amazing they are. I frequently do this for myself and it gives me immense perspective.


It is so important to remember to stop comparing ourselves to others, and to embrace and appreciate the talents that have been given to us.

Comparing ourselves to others will block our soul from the sunlight of our dreams, goals, and positive self worth.

I am grateful for the opportunity to hang out with the UE swim camp and I look forward to sending out those letters in 6 months!

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