If it was possible to drink coffee all day I would do it.  I mean I guess it technically is but I don’t think my body would like me very much.  That being said, Panera Bread is not going to help my self-control with what they are rolling out for the summer.

It has been announced that from now until September 7 you can get free, unlimited coffee from Panera Bread.  Yes, you read that right.  Free coffee all summer long.  Now, you can’t just walk into the restaurant and fill your giant travel mug and walk out.  You do need to be a part of Panera Bread’s MyPanera rewards program.  Luckily, that is free to do as well.  If you are a bit skeptical about this don’t worry because I just went through the whole process.  That’s how much I love coffee and giving other coffee fanatics a helping hand.

So, if you sign up now through September 7th for MyPanera+ Coffee you really do get free coffee.  There is no purchase required for anything.  However, if you let the subscription run past the 7th you will be charged $8.99.  But you can cancel at any time.  Once you have signed up and are ready for your next caffeine fix, you can either go to a restaurant, order online, or the app.  Choose the item you would like and proceed to check-out.  When you are reviewing the order, you will notice that it’s going to charge you for the coffee.  Don’t worry.  Just look on the left-hand side of the screen and you will see there is a button to redeem your MyPanera+ Coffee subscription.  Click on that and boom there is no longer a dollar amount needed.  It’s that easy.

A couple of little details or things you need to keep in mind with your new hook-up.  One, you can order any size/flavor once every two hours, with unlimited refills while you are in the store. Two, you can get hot coffee, tea, or iced coffee with this subscription.  Drinks like cold brews, iced tea, and espresso beverages are not included, however.

Honestly, I think this is such a cool promotion.  I am a huge coffee person and anytime I hear the words “free” and “coffee” my ears instantly perk up.  So, I’m glad to Know that Panera Bread is looking out for all of us coffee fiends this summer. Because let’s be honest, we need something to get excited about in 2020.

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