One of the most recent sightings of a possible Bigfoot just happened in Missouri. A man who thought he heard coyotes was startled when he suddenly saw evil green eyes glaring back at him from the woods.

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This brand new report that was shared with the Bigfoot Field Research Organization website originates from northwestern Missouri due north of Kansas City. According to what they've shared this happened near Clinton, Missouri on August 8, 2023. Here are the exact words of the eyewitness to this strange occurance:

I was taking my dogs outside and I’ve been taking a spotlight with me because there has been a lot of coyote activity. I was scanning around with the spotlight and about 300 feet in front of me is a clearing for a soy bean field. I shined the light past there and seen two sets of glowing eyes so I shined back and from my perspective these eyes were at least 7ft tall.

When I held the light on them they both hid behind a big bush on the right side of the clearing to this field. I watched for a while. They kept peeking there heads out around the bush so I turned the light off and then back on again and they’d be there looking back at me then would hide again. That had me pretty shaken so I went inside for about twenty minutes and came back out and walked down where I seen them. They were gone. I was still pretty shaken so I didn’t get to close but it was crazy to see how big these stood. No animal in this area stands that tall and would hide behind a bush and peek out

The Missouri guy who has not shared his name indicated that this is the first time he's seen a creature like this although some of his neighbors have also reportedly seen strange things in the area, too.

Here's my two cents on this guy's claim. First of all, there are no bears in northwestern Missouri that I've ever heard reported. That's about the only animal that could possibly stand on its hind legs and appear 7 feet tall. Does this mean that he saw a Bigfoot? I won't believe unless I see proof, but I do believe that he believes he's telling the truth. Since he didn't share his name, he's not looking for fame. That (to me) adds credibility to this strange Missouri tale.

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