The 2016 World Series games have come and gone, and boy were they epic! The announcer closed out the game announcing a statement which, admittedly, left me a little emotional. I had never heard this before, and legions of eternally optimistic Cubs fans had never heard: The Chicago Cubs have won the 2016 World Series! as the teammates raced to celebrate their victory at the close of the marathon that is a baseball season.

This history-making Series by teams who had both been experiencing World Series droughts was as exciting as any I had seen. Leading into game 5, the Indians were up 3-1, with all the momentum in their favor. Then the Cubs rallied and tied the Series all the way to extra innings in game 7! A rain delay slowed the final game, then the Cubs rallied again in extra innings to win it all. I often often seen that the World Series isn’t a contest to see the better team (because both teams are incredible by the time they reach the Series), but instead it’s lost by the team that implodes both by playing at such a grand level and with whom the long season catches up. The Cardinals imploded in 2004, and the Tigers imploded in 2006. But neither the Indians nor the Cubs imploded as a whole for this World Series. Neither wanted to give up the fight, and both were worthy of the game.

On a positive, I have read blogs and social media posts from Cardinal Nation congratulating the Cubs fans for their victory. Kudos to you! But I have also read posts from Cardinals fans chiding the Cubs and talking smack, trying to compare the histories of the teams. Suck up your pride, and build connections with Cubs fans. The baseball world respects Cardinals fans because we are eternally optimistic, and we enjoy the game of baseball above all else. So show it, and be glad that baseball is elevated by the competition between the Cardinals and Cubs!

This is also a great opportunity for us to rally together and show solidarity as baseball fans for the good of the country. We are in the final days of a heated Presidential election that has decidedly ripped this country apart. Unfortunately, on November 9, over half of the voting public will be upset and will struggle to unify with those who voted for the winning candidate. So let’s show the country how the great red Cardinal Nation stands to support our blue brothers to the north. And save the smack talk for when the teams play each other, or at least for when the baseball season is in full swing.

And my final note is in regards to the upcoming election. It’s a right and a privilege to vote, but it’s also a heavy responsibility of every citizen to study politicians deeply, then to vote. Be an American and a Cardinal fan, and vote on Tuesday, November 8th.