Our guest for this week's edition of This or That is Andrew Backes, the Executive Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana. We've only had Andrew on the MY Morning Show a couple times (he's fairly new to Big Brother Big Sisters), so we wanted to strap him down to the hot seat and grill him with a few hard-hitting, deep-digging questions. This or That is way for all of us to get to know more about our guests, on a personal level.

Right off the bat, we had to know what to call him. Does he keep it formal with Andrew, or is it okay to call him Andy? Andrew is the father of a couple young ones, and he is no stranger to annoying, never-ending kid's shows (and their theme songs) - so we made him choose between a couple of the worst...er, um, I mean best. We asked Andrew about his greasy food preferences and where he likes to shop, and then we hit him with the most important question he will answer all week. For his final question, we made him choose between Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez and Hamilton "Ham" Porter. You see, Andrew is a huge fan of The Sandlot (I knew I liked this guy), which is a must for any self-respecting baseball fan. Benny and Ham are the stars of the show, but there is clearly only one correct answer to our question. Will Andrew get it right? Listen and find out...

This or That with Andrew Backes

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