By show of hands, who really cares about my personal life? Since I see no hands raised, I will assume the worst but I’ll tell you anyway. Communities are built upon friendships where through my care network, my friends and I help each other through thick and thin. For example, my friends Matt and Nikki are raising money to finalize their adoption through the Both Hands Foundation. Several of us gave time to a letter writing campaign then joined together to serve a widow in the community by performing general property maintenance and garage cleaning. It was a fun day of service filled with purpose that was greater than me… with a little poison ivy to remember it by.

Of course I had a great time serving. I’m a Cardinals fan, and St. Louis Cardinals are servants! This goes well beyond Wainwright and the MLB’s goal to have a tobacco-free America. If you’re listening to ESPN 105.3 FM, you’ll definitely be familiar with his commercial.

While on vacation with my family several years ago, I wore my iconic Cardinals hat at a fast food stop. A woman in a wheelchair stopped by and struck up a conversation with me. After recognizing the STL logo on the hat, this woman asked if I was a fan of the team. I assured her I was and that I had grown up in St. Louis. She said that the Cardinals meant a lot to her, although she generally wasn’t a fan of sports. She had had multiple surgeries that required long stays in the hospital. During her time there, she had been visited by several past and present stars of the team, and that meant a great deal to her. I was proud and humbled to be a part of a legacy that was sure to reach out to the community.

In his book Intentional Walk: An Inside Look at the Faith That Drives the St. Louis Cardinals, author Rob Rains covers the Christian faith of so many of the Cardinals, including Matt Holliday, Kolten Wong skipper Mike Matheny, and broadcaster Ricky Horton. In his chapter about former Cardinal Jason Motte, Rains told a story of how Motte would often visit Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, where he would leave his personal cell phone number for the nurse staff to contact him if a patient needed spirits lifted. That’s near unheard of; so often celebrities will build channels to insulate themselves from the public. This is just one story in a book full of anecdotes about how the Cardinals build up each other and the St. Louis community.

Be the change you want to see in your community. Step out and wear the Birds on the Bat proudly as you serve your neighbors this week. There's so much more to being a Cardinals fans than just listening to games on ESPN 105.3 FM. Go Cards!


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