It’s time for a good old-fashioned rant.  I’ll apologize ahead of time.  However, I think this is totally warranted.  It is way, way too early for there to be Christmas decorations in any store anywhere.

Yesterday I go into Costco to do my weekly shopping trip.  It’s September and I’m expecting to see the giant bulk size candy bags for Halloween.  Granted, it’s still pretty early even for those to be out.  But those being in stores right now I can handle.  Did I see those there yesterday?  Heck no.  Right at the front of the store, I saw lines of Christmas trees all lit up and decorated.  Are you kidding me?  It is only September.

Then today I find out that some other stores are already downsizing, moving, or even removing Halloween decorations to make room for the Christmas stuff.  I’ll ask again; why is this stuff coming out so soon?! Look, I get 2020 has been, for lack of a better word, an off-year.  So, it makes sense we are ready to rush through what we have left.  However, let’s not do it at the expense of skipping over the fall season and two pretty awesome holidays.

I love Christmas time just as much as the next person but I don’t want to enjoy it in mid-September.  I haven’t even gotten my pumpkin spice/apple cider on yet.  All I’m saying we still need to enjoy whatever is left of this year.  Who knows, some pretty great things could still happen in October and November.

It just seems that every year we want to move on to the net thing earlier and earlier.  Whether that be jumping right into wanting pumpkin spice as soon as the Fourth of July is over or putting out Halloween décor before Labor Day Weekend.  Let’s just pump the breaks a bit and enjoy whatever season we are currently in.  Life goes fast enough.  Let’s not speed it up anymore, shall we?

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