The largest consignment store in Evansville isn't exactly hidden, but it is certainly a gem! I can't believe that in all my years in Evansville I've never been World Wide Missions...but I promise you I will go back!

Liberty and I paid a visit to World Wide Missions (at 301 N. Congress) during one of their frequent 50% off everything in the store sale. We were there to find our outfits for MY Big Fat 80's Wedding. We were both blown away by the size of this building. It just keeps going and going...I swear it looks like an optical illusion! And the amount of items is really impressive, bordering on overwhelming. Ha! You could spend hours looking around in there.

And in addition to finding some great, affordable clothes, you can also make a bit of extra money and help out local charities at the same time. Take in your gently worn clothing and they will sell it for you. You'll get a portion of the proceeds and then World Wide Missions will donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit organization.

One of their amazing employees, Randi, has plenty to say about World Wide Missions. See for yourself below.

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