You might have heard that the Ronald McDonald House is opening a second location in Evansville, on the Deaconess Gateway campus. As you can imagine, that is not an easy or cheap project. So how about we help raise some much needed funds for that effort?

People love giving money to charities and non-profits, there's no question about that. But you might as well make the fundraiser something that people enjoy doing. Playing pinball and other old school arcade games while consuming adult beverages is definitely something people enjoy doing! This Friday, August 23rd at 5pm, you're invited to the High Score Saloon in downtown Evansville to do just that!

A mere $4 cover charge (which ALL goes to the RMDH) gets you into the saloon, and 100% of the money you put in a pinball machine gets donated too. The folks from High Score Saloon say that they have a special gift of their own for the Ronald McDonald House!

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