Last month, Bobby got ordained, in hopes of marrying a couple for Valentine's Day. The plan was to throw MY Big Fat 80s Wedding, if we could find the right couple. Amy submitted her and her fiance's story, and it really touched our hearts.

Me and my fiance were actually planning on getting married on Feb 15th. We were just blessed with twins after going through IVF on December 28th. It has been a struggle for us to get pregnant and I didn't know how much longer I would be able to get pregnant. Since I was more worried about that we put our plans of getting married on hold. We are actually high school sweet hearts. We were together for close to 10 years but once college hit we went our separate ways. We found each other again about 3 years ago. My family is actually coming in town that weekend to see the new addition to the family and since everyone was going to be here we were just going to go to the court house and say I do and have a wedding next year. This would just put the icing on the cake to an already miracle year!! Because we spent so much money on doing invitro there was no way we could pay for an actual wedding for over a year or so. I'm currently not working because of a c section so it's already tight on money. Like I said this would just be an absolute God send. Especially with my family already planning to be here from Chicago at that time and my finances sister coming from North Carolina. Thank you for even giving us the opportunity to try for something like this. God bless

The couple agreed to say their vows live on the radio and on Facebook!

The big surprise came at the end of the ceremony, when Jake and Amy found out that they also get to honeymoon in Pigeon Forge! They will be spending a romantic night at The Inn on the River!

The amazing 80s decorations were provided by Event Montage.

The cupcake stands are albums! Photo by Liberty
The cupcake stands are albums! Photo by Liberty



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