It's no secret that I'm known for my copious amounts of body hair and my girly figure. I'm about to put those curves to work as Stacey and I learn how to belly dance with a couple ladies from the Evansville Shimmy Mob. Oh you MUST see this!

First things first - a little info about the Shimmy Mob. It's an organization that raises funds and awareness for abused women and children around the world. Here locally, the Evansville Shimmy Mob has teamed up with Albion Fellows Bacon Center.

This Saturday, May 13th, you can see the Evansville Shimmy Mob doing their thing around the east side of town. If you're near one of these places, stop and check it out!

  • 1pm - Pet Food Center off Green River Road
  • 1:30pm - Bud's Harley Davidson on Morgan Ave.
  • 2pm - Lenscrafters inside Eastland Mall
  • 3pm - Barnes and Noble at Green River and Lincoln.

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