You remember that really catchy, toe-tappin' song Blurred Lines from Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams? You remember when Marvin Gaye's estate said "yeah, there's a reason that song is so's because Marvin Gaye already did it back in the late 70's! Yeah, it sounds just like his song Got To Give It Up!Ya' know what, I think we're gonna sue you!"

I'm paraphrasing that part, but you get the gist. That was five years ago, and that suit has finally been settled. A judge recently ordered Thicke and Williams to pay the Gaye estate $5 million for copyright infringement.

Check out the video's a great comparison of the two songs.Take a listen and make your own decision...although at this point is doesn't really matter what you and I think...the judge has already ruled.

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