Remember when Baby Yoda won our hearts over when we started watching the The Mandalorian? We couldn't get enough of, what could be argued, the cutest movie/TV character EVER. You many also remember that all we wanted a Baby Yoda of our very own, for Christmas last year, but none could be found. Well, this year is a different story.  Now, The Mandalorian toys can be found everywhere. But, Costco might have the best one yet.

On Instagram, @Costcoguy4u posted about a Baby Yoda toy set that comes with one Baby Yoda figure, The Mandalorian necklace, silver ball, frog, and a broth bowl. The set is just $19.99.

BTW, the second season of The Mandalorian comes out in October on Disney+. You wanna make sure you have Baby Yoda sitting beside you for the whole season.

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