Over the next 48 hours, the temperatures will fall around 42 degrees. That is just the beginning of a potentially dangerous weather pattern.

 High Wind Warning Through Midnight

Brace for damaging winds up to 60 MPH through midnight. This could bring down trees, and power lines, and cause widespread power outages. Stay indoors, avoid forested areas, and drive with caution.

 Friday's downpours have caused minor flooding in low-lying areas. Remember, Turn Around, Don't Drown! Most flood deaths happen in vehicles.

Amazon via Star Wars
Amazon via Star Wars

Here's How to Prepare for this Weather Event:

  • Prepare for power outages: Charge phones, stock up on food and water, and have battery-powered lights and radios ready.
  • Winterize your home: Insulate pipes, seal leaks, and dress warmly in layers.
  • Check on vulnerable neighbors: Ensure they have adequate supplies and know the dangers of the cold.
  • United Caring Services is a White Flag Emergency Shelter (During Inclement Weather)
  • Stay informed: Monitor weather updates closely and follow local advisories.
  • Power Outages: Report an outage by texting OUT to 83212 or online centerpointenergy.com.
  • Downed Power Lines: Report downed power lines to both 911 and CenterPoint Energy at 800-227-1376.

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PHOTO: canva app
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The Latest from The National Weather Service:

Widespread sub-zero wind chills are forecast each night Sunday night through Tuesday night. This extended cold snap will be dangerous to those without adequate shelter and threaten plumbing and other cold-sensitive infrastructure. Snowfall accumulations remain a possibility from later Sunday through Monday, but amounts are trending downward

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PHOTO: canva warm
PHOTO: canva warm

Don't underestimate the severity of this cold snap! Take all necessary precautions to stay safe and warm. Share this information with your loved ones and help everyone stay prepared for a challenging week ahead.

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