This is a story is about a young cow and her will to live, with an owner willing to take a chance on her, and a veterinarian willing to think outside the box.

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The calf is a sweet young lady named Annabelle, who until recently, had been living on a farm. Annabelle's former owner found her one day with a broken hind leg. Normally, in a situation like that, the animal would be euthanized - that's a harsh reality that farmers have to deal with. This farmer, however, knew of a woman who has a soft spot for injured animals. Her name is Brandi, and after receiving a call from the farmer, decided to take Annabelle in.

What Happened to Annabelle?

I spoke to Brandi about her newest family member. Brandi doesn't know the circumstances that led to the broken leg, but what she does know, what she recognized right away, is Annabelle's will to live. After seeing that, Brandi was willing to do whatever it took to get Annabelle back on her feet again. The next stop was the Warrick Veterinary Clinic, two hours away in Boonville, Indiana, where the decision was made to amputate Annabelle's broken hind leg. Brandi tells me that amputations are rare with cows because they are usually just put down after an injury like this. Brandi also said the vets in her area really weren't equipped for a procedure like this - thankfully the Warrick Veterinary Clinic was able to help.

Annabelle's new wheels
Facebook/Warrick Veterinary Clinic

What About Those Pink Wheels?

As I mentioned, Brandi has taken in several injured animals before, so she already had a set of wheels - except they were last used for a dog. Brandi had to modify the 'wheelchair' to fit a slightly bigger animal - once that was done Annabelle was ready to roll. She quickly got used to her new wheels, in fact, the folks at the clinic had to hold on to the frame in order to keep up with Annabelle.

Annabelles new wheels
Facebook/Warrick Veterinary Clinic

What's Next for Annabelle?

You might be able to tell from the pictures that Annabelle's other hind leg needs a little work too - that's due to her favoring the broken leg. Brandi has ordered a special leg brace that will hopefully that situation. If the brace works, Annebelle could, in theory, go on without needing the wheelchair. Amazingly, Brandi says she can get around on just three legs. At this point, though, it's just too early to tell. Brandi tells me they are just taking things one day at a time.

UPDATE: Check Out Annabelle Now

Brandi sent me this picture of Annabelle splashing around in the mud wearing her new leg brace. Do you notice something missing from the picture? Yep, those wheels. Have you ever seen a 3-legged cow playing in the rain? I imagine not - and that's what makes Annabelle such a special girl.

Annabelles new leg brace
Facebook/Brandi Hofmann

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