I am obsessed with the Netflix series, Cobra Kai.  Over the last two years, that has become our New Year's Eve tradition. Netflix drops the new season on December 31st.  We barrel through all ten episodes by the end of the day on January 1st and then immediately get sad because we're not going to get to see a new episode for a year.

My love for The Karate Kid goes back to the mid-80s and the original movie. That was THE underdog story for folks of my generation. Kid gets bullied at school. He learns karate. He goes to the All-Valley Karate Championship to take them on. They fight dirty and "sweep" his leg.  He stands on one leg and kicks Johnny Lawrence in the face, conquers all the odds and wins the title.  Throw in this song . . .

And, well, there you have it! One of my absolute favorite movies from childhood and a cast of characters that Cobra Kai is revisiting and 30+ years later- with many members of the original cast.  This show is EVERYTHING!

There's no doubt that the series has become a new cultural phenomenon.  And the show has launched a new pop culture attack and hints of it are showing up virtually everywhere.  Here's a prime example. Just a couple of days ago, a Cobra Kai-inspired masterpiece surfaced here in town.

Azzip Pizza in Owensboro just revealed its Employee Creation for January.  Yep!  You guessed it.  It's inspired by Cobra Kai and the mythical legend that is Mr. Miyagi.  It was Mr. Miyagi who took Daniel LaRusso under his wing and taught him the Miyagi-Do tradition of karate.

Naturally, the new limited time pizza is a clever play on those particular words.  Introducing The Miyagi-Dough!

Azzip Pizza
Azzip Pizza

Shout out to Azzip Owensboro's Mike Rohner, who created this pizza.  As you can see, there's a splash of Tso Sauce which gives the pizza its necessary Asian blast of flavor.

The Miyagi-Dough is available all month long at Owensboro's Azzip location at 3800 Frederica Street.

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