I've had almost daily headaches since October. My doctor said they were tension / stress related. So, I had to figure out what the trigger for my headaches was, and try to fix it. I realized that I hadn't been working out like I used to. Honestly, I just run out of time everyday. We decided to turn our home office into  gym, so we would be able to make more time to workout. I put in a heater, and follow some good instructors on YouTube.

I could tell a difference, but something in my neck still felt out of wack. I know I need to see a chiropractor, but, I couldn't decide on which one to go to. We have a lot of great ones in the area. So, I thought maybe trying this My Pillow that I keep seeing on TV would help. Guess What? It's Amazing!! Combined with my workouts, I have been headache free for several days. I'm seriously sleeping like I'm in a coma! If I do wake up, I don't struggle trying to get comfortable, I fall right back asleep. I was certainly skeptical paying $50 for a pillow, but it is really worth it!

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