Most of us can't fathom becoming a centenarian.  My dear Aunt "Amazing" Grace is now officially a centenarian and celebrated her 100th birthday over the weekend with a huge family celebration yesterday in Dayton, Ohio.  Many of my cousins, aunts, and uncles showed up to surprise her!  

Even though she couldn't remember most of the family, her eyes brightened when all of us sang Happy Birthday to her.  Our family refers to her as "Amazing" Grace.  She is one of 12 children born in the Dayton, Ohio area.  She's outlived my father, who was younger than her, and most of her siblings.  Only 3 of the 12 Turner's in the family are alive today.  We are so very blessed!

(Pictured:  My brother Greg, Aunt Grace, and me)

My Amazing Aunt Grace turns 100 years old! credit by Deb Turner

She looks amazing at 100 years old, doesn't she?

My Aunt Grace - 100th birthday! - credit by Deb Turner
Grace's 100th birthday cake; credit by Deb Turner