I'll admit, I watch a lot of TV. It's one of our favorite things to do as a family (Probably because I grew up without cable). There are a handful of shows that all 3 of us actually enjoy, and watch together. One of those shows is ending tonight. After 9 years and over 200 episodes, The Middle is coming to an end. This sitcom was basically the little show that could. It started off a little rocky, even with 2 established stars. It was hard to see  Debra from Everybody Loves Raymond, as anyone else. We had grown to love her after 9 years and 210 episodes. And We grew to love Neil Flynn as Mike Heck, after he played the janitor on Scrubs. We've watched the kids grow up, while the small town of Orson, IN stayed the same. Oh yeah, The Middle is set in a fictional town in Indiana! The creators actually wanted to have it set in Jasper, but there were some legal issues with using a real city's name. A lot of the crew is from Indiana, so they tried to keep it as "Indiana Authentic" as possible. It would've been very easy to poke fun at this small town, and the characters in it, but The Middle celebrates the Midwest. So tonight, as we say farewell to The Middle, just know that I'll be crying. Heck (See what I did there) I couldn't even make it through the preview :/

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